BPM009: A-Sides – Shade / Mercury Teaser

| Daniel Simic

A-sides is a prolific as he is versatile and the veteran producer is about to solidify why he’s gained such a reputation throughout his career. Already sitting on an epic collection of releases, he’s certainly made a name for himself whilst he’s ensured that he’s explored every crevasse within his sound spectrum. His lack of limitations has enabled him to produce the forthcoming single ‘Mercury’ and ‘Shades’ on BPM Records, which follows the same moniker he’s created over years within the genre, yet allows you to view it through two totally different angles. Its music like this, debuted across the likes of Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Austria and London throughout his extensive DJing schedule that has enabled him to become such a recognised face within drum & bass.

Already releasing on major independent players, including Playaz, Metalheadz, Spearhead and Hospital, he’s played a part within the back catalogues of many influential imprints. And his list of collaborators is huge, with him working alongside heavyweight producers such as DJ Marky, Break and Randall, which further highlights his commitment to the genre, having immersed himself within its burgeoning scene from the beginning.

‘Mercury’ is the first of two tracks which marks A-sides return. It features an old school signature, with hollowed drums rolling through the mix, giving it an old-school feel which pays homage to A-Sides history within drum & bass. A hard-lined, ruminating bassline quakes from one end of the track to the other, shaking the subs as soon as it comes into play, giving the record a much heavier vibe. ‘Shade’ feels lighter in its breakdowns, with beats that run off each other in a more subdued context. ‘Shade’ is A-side’s daintier side, however it still has the bass pads and drum sequences which allude to his diversity as an artist.

Together they present the journey which A-sides has spearheaded – it’s one which has helped him to become such a widely felt presence within the drum & bass world, as well as in the discographies of its most long standing labels. That’s why he’s been welcomed into the arms of a label like BPM Records.